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Change is not possible unless federalism is abolished: Rabindra Mishra

Originally published on Peoplesreview | Kathmandu, 4 December: Rabindra Mishra, chairman of the Bibeksheel Sajha Party, has said that socialism cannot be achieved by trading in education and health.

Suggesting that the so-called big political parties should not dream of achieving socialism by doing business of education and health, he urged to make education and health free by allotting more budget in these sectors even by cutting budgets in other sectors.

Objecting to the intrusion of politics in all spheres including courts, ministries, government offices, police administration, he urged for keeping such government organs free from politics and asked to immediately scrap the unions of the government employees. If not, even if Siddhartha Gautam Buddha will come to rule the country, he cannot retain.

Stating that the problem in the court could not be solved only by the resignation of the Chief Justice, Mishra further added that the problem would remain until the machine to produce such judges was returned.

“I have no comment on the leaders’ faith but the country is above all”, he said while addressing a large public meeting organized at Jaulakhel in Lalitpur today.

Lauding the names of Marx, Lenin, and Mao is okay but why Prithvinarayan Shah be discarded?, he questioned.

Mishra was addressing a party assembly organised on the occasion of the unification of the Citizens Discussion Forum and Rastriya Janata Durwar Party in the Vivelsheel Shajha Party.

He argued that secularism and federalism had accumulated in Nepal in the name of an offensive move, however, federalism is not appropriate in Nepal from any point of view.

Change is not possible unless federalism is abolished, he remarked.

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