Rabindra Mishra Books

1. Khana Pugos, Dina Pugos

Khana Pugos, Dina Pugos Rabindra MishraPublished in 2012, Khana Pugos, Dina Pugos is one of the best-selling books in Nepal. It’s a collection of essays on philanthropy and social transformation.

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2. Bhumadhyarekha

Bhumadhyarekha Rabindra MishraBookPublished in 2010, Bhumadhyarekha is a collection of selected commentaries on politics and society written between 2000 and 20009, one of the most turbulent periods of Nepali history. Many of the commentaries in the book have proven to be correct and are still relevant.

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3. Rabindra Mishra ka kabita

Rabindra Mishra ka kabita Book CoverPublished in 2015, Rabindra Mishraka Kabita contains more than 50 poems and has been one of the best-selling poetry collections in recent years. Since the publication of the poems, the author has raised around 50 lakhs (USD 50,000) for charitable causes through poetry recitation.