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Rabindra Mishra preparing to join RPP

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KATHMANDU, June 15: Former journalist Rabindra Mishra, who resigned from the Bibeksheel Sajha Party, is preparing to join the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP).

Mishra, who resigned from the post of chairman on May 25, saying that the local level election results were not satisfactory, is busy with the final homework of joining the RPP. Sources close to Mishra claim that he will join the party within a few days if the talks regarding the post in the party go smooth.

Initially, Mishra had proposed to appoint another chairman with the same capacity as RPP Chairman Rajendra Lingden. The RPP had rejected it, according to a close leader, and then there was a mixed discussion with the proposal of the co-chairperson.

However, the RPP has stated that it is not possible to have two chairpersons or a co-chair. RPP is engaged in discussions by forming a dialogue committee led by General Secretary Dhawal Shamsher Rana.

As Mishra, who has already left Bibeksheel Sajha Party, is not in a position to form a new party, voices have started rising in RPP that he should not be given the post of senior vice-chairman. They have been saying that the balance within the organization will be disturbed if Mishra is given the post of senior vice president.

“If an influential leader of the party is dominated by elevating a person unnecessarily, then the RPP will suffer a loss in the provincial and assembly elections,” a RPP leader said.

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