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Mishra’s book of poems launched

Originally Published on | BBC-Nepal journalist Rabindra Mishra launched his anthology of poems, Rabindra Mishra ka Kabita, on Saturday at Nepal Academy, Kamaladi. The book has been published by FinePrint Publications.

During the programme, the journalist also delighted the crowd with some of his poems like Ma Patrakar Hu, Chor ra Ishwar, Aaja Rati Bara Baje, Baru Ma Upanyash Padchu and Kanda ko Chepang, among others.

Elaborating on his poetry, Mishra said that he tried to make his poems as simple and accessible as possible, not just in terms of language but also in terms of ideas. And listening to Mishra narrate his poems made one feel that his opinion was spot-on.  Kanda ko Chepang is based on the inhuman sufferings and utter poverty of a Chepang family residing in the remote village of Kanda in Bajhang District; Aaja Rati Bara Baje deals with a young and unmarried migrant labourer who calls his lover at midnight;

and Baru Ma Upanyash Padchu is a poem on the increasing popularity of prose, especially fiction, which has overshadowed the genre of poetry.

After Mishra, Nawaraj Parajuli, a spoken-word poet, performed two of Mishra’s poems for the crowd. Also speaking at the programme were BBC-Nepal journalist Nawaraj Lamsal and writer/columnist Buddhisagar. Both of them spoke about the genre of poetry and Mishra’s anthology.

Apart from being a journalist of high repute, Mishra is also a well-known philanthropist. He founded Help Nepal Network in 1999. The network promotes the idea of practical philanthropy especially among the Nepali diaspora residing in the West by seeking a one-dollar donation from them every month.

The donation goes into providing health and education assistance to the people in rural Nepal.

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