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A fragile ‘secular’ Nepal is India’s biggest enemy. It’s time to bring Hindu monarchy back

Whether ‘secular republic’ Nepal should revert to being a ‘constitutional Hindu kingdom’ is a raging debate in the country at present. It is understood that some sections of the RSS, BJP, and the Indian bureaucracy seem keen on a ‘Hindu republic’ rather than a ‘monarchical Hindu Nepal’. Given the unique relations between Nepal and India, the significant changes in international geopolitics, and the increasing focus on South Asia, the restoration of a Hindu constitutional monarchy is not only in the interest of Nepal but also of India.

As a journalist-turned-politician, this author has met several senior leaders from across political parties in recent weeks. They admit Nepal is becoming increasingly unmanageable, and have no idea how to handle it. A majority of them, however, agree that India’s support for the restoration of the Hindu kingdom in Nepal will be crucial.

Source: ThePrint

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