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Rabindra Mishra’s 15 questions to NC leader Prakash Man Singh

Originally published on MyRepublica | KATHMANDU, Sept 11: Bibeksheel Sajha Party leader Rabindra Mishra has shot a volley of questions at Nepali Congress (NC) leader Prakash Man Singh through a post on his official Facebook page on Sunday.

Indirectly responding to Singh who on Saturday satirized Mishra saying “how somebody who could not manage his own party will bring about development?” Mishra has asked Singh a total of 15 questions.

Mishra has asked Singh how many days was the latter present in parliament during his three terms (15 years) as a member of parliament and if he took allowances even when he did not participate in parliamentary discussions and debates. “Did you raise a voice for the immediate and far-reaching issues of national importance? And even if you have raised the voice, has it led to a concrete result?”

Similarly, Mishra has asked if, as the former Minister for Forests and Environment and Member of parliament, he has raised his voice over the issue of managing a clean environment, managing traffic and protecting the open environment of the city in Parliament? “Have you raised the voice on preserving the heritage sites of Kathmandu? Have you taken any initiatives for cleaning the Bagmati River which passes through your electoral constituency as well?” Mishra has asked Singh

Mishra continues his queries to Singh, “You must be aware of the Constituency Development Fund which actually converts the sitting MPs into contractors and helps them win the next elections. Did you take it or not? In fact, you should have strongly opposed it in parliament, right? Have you worked for good governance, elimination of corruption and flow of service? Did you raise your voice when an impeachment motion was filed against the then Chief Justice Sushila Karki? What is your perception regarding the citizenship bill that provides citizenship to foreign females who marry Nepalis male but discriminates between the nation’s males and females, as well as the MCC (Millennium Challenge Corporation) and SPP (State Partnership Program)?”

Similarly, Mishra asked, “Have you shown concern regarding the missing individuals who went missing during the conflict and giving justice to those who became victims of serious crimes during that time?”

“Poor you! You have to go around asking for votes for those who maimed and killed the well-wishers, cadres and leaders of your own party? Isn’t this a bit too much?” Mishra has asked Singh.

Similarly, Mishra has asked Singh if he did anything to eradicate the anomalies and distortions in his party and boost financial transparency in it when he was the general secretary and vice president of the Nepali Congress.

“You said I could not manage my party even for two years. I changed my path after I realized that the ideals propounded by the late BP Koirala, Krishna Prasad Bhattarai and Ganesh Man Singh were in the interest of the country. I resigned from the post of party chairman after my party could not  do well in the last local elections,” Mishra has said.

“But you killed the very soul of the ideals of these great leaders. In your 15 years as a Member of Parliament, Deputy Prime Minister, General Secretary of the party and minister, you did not do anything. You made the country such that everyone wants to leave it if they get the opportunity. You over-politicized the institutions such as the President, Prime Minister, Supreme Court, Police, CIAA and turned them into corrupt institutions. I don’t know what to say! Now you are making unnecessary fun of me. I resigned from the leadership of the party. Will you now give up politics?” Mishra has asked.

Earlier, addressing the inauguration program of Kumale Dhara maintenance and park beautification in Baneshwar on Saturday, NC leader Singh, hinting at Mishra, said that opening a party is not like opening a shop.

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