Rabindra Mishra

Like all the past years

This Dashain was no different for me

A flow of copious booze and blood

Whilst the slaughtering of my conscience


For me, Dashain came, and went

Insignificant days that did not matter.

But thanks to someone unseen

In this time of kaliyuga

Something unexpected happened to Maili BiKa.

This Dashain for Maili BiKa

Came with a small chicken

Ten packets of noodles

Five manas of flattened rice

And new clothes for her children

These became significant days

In some small ways,

When gestures of kindness

Came this Dashain for Maili BiKa

Like rhododendrons blooming on a nearby hill

Warming rays on a house, damp and chill.

Slaughtering my wisdom

Dashain passed me by

But for Maili BiKa

Dashain came and stayed on

As a treasured gift for years coming by.

Rabindra Mishra | 7 October 2011, Kathmandu