Press Statement (Translation)
Date: 17 Falgun, 2073 (28 February, 2017)

Many of my readers and well-wishers know very well how strongly I have continued to argue, along with numerous like-minded friends, that transforming Nepal within our lifetime is impossible without first laying the foundation for cultured politics. Such a foundation, we have argued, should be based upon four pillars: System, Transparency, Integrity and Meritocracy (or STEM, in short) and should be within the ambit of constitutional and inclusive democracy.

It is our conviction that Nepalis living inside and outside of Nepal who are frustrated by the decades of selfish, extractive, pretentious and non-transparent politics but believe that Nepal could still be rescued, will support us if we can lay a strong foundation of cultured politics. Our goal is to create a common platform to bring together honest and capable Nepalis from all walks of life for the sake of clean politics to transform Nepal. By bringing a massive number of like-minded Nepalis together, we believe that we will not merely be creating just another political party that will come into existence but can never lead the country towards prosperity. Instead, it will be the rise of a leadership that takes the country firmly towards the path of total transformation.

A group of committed people had for long been involved in ideological and strategic deliberations in this regard. This group has now gained the confidence to translate their work into action. Therefore, I have resigned from the position of the Head of the BBC Nepali Service to take up the mantle of this effort. I will continue to remember the trust, love and support I have been showered with by ordinary Nepalis in course of my association with the BBC, my writings and my involvement in philanthropic activities. I cannot thank them enough and will also be, forever, grateful to both my co-workers, and the organisation.

That very trust, love and support and the inspiration and motivation by my friends involved in the political homework have given me the energy to embark upon this new journey. Some of my well-wishers had advised me to join existing political parties rather than setting up a new one. I have reached the conclusion that doing so will only change me but not the country. Therefore, I have chosen this alternative and challenging path.

Very soon, we will come to you with the organizational structure and other relevant information about the new party, which will embrace Welfare Democracy and Liberal Welfare Economy as its ideologies. We want to make an ardent appeal to those who are not politically affiliated, to those who are politically affiliated but believe that the country cannot progress with the existing group of parties, and to those working for the positive transformation of the society by being affiliated to different social organizations to come forward and utilize our platform for the peaceful, graceful, patriotic and development-focused political uprising.

We are not ignorant about similar efforts, their weaknesses and failures in the past. Rather than getting frightened, we have learnt lessons from such endeavours. Besides, as most of us do not have any political background, we have not a shred of doubt that our journey will be even more challenging. But history is testimony that no country has undergone an overall change without an honest, far-sighted, strong and nationwide intervention by a group of committed people. We are ready – let us now appeal to you to be ready across villages, cities and even overseas. To start with, we urge you to be ready to form an at least 7-member group in each and every one of Nepal’s localities, which will be the foundation of the party’s organizational structure. We will be making special arrangement for Nepalis living overseas to join in this collaborative journey and also urge them to start forming ‘goodwill group’ in all town and cities around the world.

Even the countries that found themselves in much more challenging situations than us have been able to attain political stability and catch up with development and prosperity within 10 to 20 years. There is no reason why we should not be able to do the same. Make no mistake – our attempt is not aimed at simply winning 10/12 seats in the parliament and indulge in politics. We want to lead the entire country towards total transformation and change the very character of our politics. We do not have the luxury of failing or doing okay. We are certain that we will be blessed with your well-wishes and support in this journey. We will, of course, be with you always.

It is our determination that no matter what, we will fulfil our dream of witnessing the prosperity and development of this country, which despite being extraordinarily rich in resources has been forced to languish in poverty and political instability for far too long. So that our posterity will not be compelled to abandon their elderly parents and go overseas in search of a better life, instead, they will be able to generate jobs for themselves and even the foreigners.

Rabindra Mishra
Former Head, BBC Nepali Service


  1. देशको लागि गर्नुहुने यो निर्णय तपाईंको सबैभन्द श्रेयस्कर निर्णय हुनेमा कुनै दुइमत छैन ! साथ का लागि तयार छौं !

  2. My well wishes for success( could be withdrawn if found working like other political parties). Hope will not need to withdraw.

  3. The most happiest moment in my entire life time Rabin sir. I will support you and your strategy in any condition. Best wishes for you.

  4. Go ahead. I will be with you. But it will be not easy to convince the general people as there are some good leaders in other traditional parties and they have strong network upto local level.
    How can you convince us that you can break the network work of already established party? And can lead the toatal contry?

  5. Dear Rabindra sir, I am happy in this sense that people like you, one who stands in integrity, sincerity and truthfulness are entering into national politic. Your contribution as a media person and social worker at a mean time was an incredible to our nation. you decided to enter into politic, at a situation where people are battered by deceitful political practices, poverty, discrimination and so on, where young and energetic people are frustrated towards politics, people are divided in the name of region, language, culture, faith, and so on. I hope and wish that you will be able to split those unwanted, undesirable division and unite whole nation in one heart for the prosperity and holistic transformation of our nation.
    I hope your new political party’s bill, policy and declaration paper will bring new hope for the nation, will cure broken hearts and rise a lost hope for the development of the nation. I believed that you have traveled across the nation, and observed and witness pitiable condition, where a mother has to walk two hours for a bucketful of water, where a sick person has to lost beautiful and precious life without having a tablet of paracetamol or primary health care. I do believe this also that you have seen thousands of young and energetic people are being force to leave their family and nation in search of job.
    Dear sir, we have seen and witnessed that politic is not easy game to win, especially in country like ours where ideology and personal integrity rarely works. Be careful and stay strong enough to face the challenges, give new direction and test of leadership, vision and goal. Never compromise with your integrity, simplicity, truthfulness and never break the heart of people which are already broken but work to heal those broken heart. I do believe that what ever we call, change, development, transformation is possible if we work hard enough.
    Best of Luck for your upcoming political career.

  6. This is Great decision on the Right time by Mr. Rabindra Mishra I sullute you for your Great step toward Nation. I am always with you for your mission.

    KK Ftom Dubai.

  7. रविन्द्र जी को नयाँ पार्टी खोल्ने घोषणाले पुराना शक्तिहरुको औचित्य समाप्त हुदै गरेको र बैकल्पिक शक्ति को आवश्यकता लाई पुस्टि गरेको छ ।
    सफलताको शुभकामना !

  8. Respected Sir! you are my one of the most influencing personality in Nepal. I wish for successful ahead in political segment.

  9. Rabindra Sir,
    Extremely glad to read this piece. Excited to see you joining in the politics with sacred mission. We are together with you always. I firmly believe that we can do well. Wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart.

  10. Great step sir. All the best. Will support you and your endeavors if it’s for the best of Nepalis. Hope you will be able to listen to people and act.

  11. Wish u n ur team all the best. We Nepalese are still optimistic that our real day will come soon. Cheeerssssss to our Nepal n Nepalese all over the world.

  12. धन्यवाद रबिन्द्र सर जुन सोच विचार उदेस्य लिएर अगाडी बढन लाग्नु भयको छ सफलताको शुभकामना साथ साथै मेरो विवेकले जाने बुझे सके र भ्याएसम्म कुनै पनि व्यक्तिगत स्वार्थ नराखी गाऊ घर समाज देशलाई बिकशीत समृद्ध सुन्दर शान्त बनाउनको लागी सदैव पुर्ण समर्थन सर सल्लाह सहयोग रहिरहने छ । हजुरहरुलाई ऑबस्यक परेको समयमा सम्झिन सक्नु हुनेछ ।
    भुबन कडेल
    लेखनाथ -9 बेगनास
    कास्की पोखरा

  13. Great decision on right time Rabindra Sir. You have created some hope to our generations. We are ready to support you to clean up our dirty politics and for the development of our nation. My personal advice is to do more and more collaboration with not only the clean imaged, reputed persons with integrity like Dr. Rameshwor Khanal, Madan Krishna – Haribansha, Rajesh Hamal of our society and possibly with Bibekshil Nepali as well, who has I think the same motto as yours. In the mean time, please do not include everyone, just like a Maoist did only to increase the number of people now, they would be counter productive since one rotten potato might be sufficient to damage the whole bag eventually. Thank you.

  14. आजको दिन सम्म तपाईंको जिम्मेवारि सिमित थियोहोला। अब तपाईं प्रती हाम्रो आशा अली धेरैनै हुनेछ। तपाईंलाई शुभकामना । सके राम्रो काम गर्नुहोला नसके नराम्रा कामहरु गर्नेको सुचिमा नबढाउनुहोला ।

  15. रबिन्द्र जी नेपाल मा ८० प्रतिशत भन्दा बढी राजनीतिक नेता हरु भ्रस्ट छन , ६० प्रतिशत भन्दा बढी पत्रकार हरु भ्रस्ट छन , ४० प्रतिशत भन्दा बढी निजामती कर्मचारी हरु भ्रस्ट छन् , ८० प्रतिशत भन्दा बढी वकिल हरु भ्रस्ट छन , ६० प्रतिशत भन्दा बढी न्यायधिश हरु भ्रस्ट छन् , ९० प्रतिशत कर्पोरेट मिडिया हाउस हरु भ्रस्ट छन , ४० प्रतिशत भन्दा बढी निजी ब्यापारिक् पतिस्थान हरु भ्रस्ट छन् , समग्र आम नेपालि समाज जो न्याय , सामनता र बिकास र सम्म्ब्रिदी चाहान्छन ८० प्रतिशत भन्दा बढी छन / के तपाई हरु , (हामी हरु ?) ति किकर्तब्यबिमुढ जनता हरुमा नयाँ आत्मा विश्वाश , जोस जागर र आशा को किरण छर्न सकौला ? अबश्य सकिन्छ तर एउटै प्रश्न हो पार्दर्शिता बिचार र ब्यबहार मा स्पष्टता र कठोर् लगनशिलता / हामी सबै को आज शुभकामना / नेपाल र नेपालि को भाग्य चम्कोश / एक नयाँ युग को शुरुवात होस् / जय नेपाल

  16. Dear Mr. Rabindra
    It’s great to see you being interested to do something big for national as always you had been doing from your end. We are pretty sure of you getting support of educated and skilled / partially skilled youth from overseas and country which would also include the social activists, people extending human welfare and many more. As you said earlier the journey in politics will be certainly challenging as there are many stabilized political parties, start ups standing tall with them won’t be that easy as they pertains very good network in the community, you certainly need to have the best strategy for that. More over I believe we have few youth and potential leaders in existing parties if we could include them in the team that would certainly make great sense. As you have been to most of the part of nation and many other countries you have seen what is need of public now and I no where could suggest you better about attracting youth through modern technologies like social networks and making platform for all to draw thier opinion. Economic stability and environment to invest and grow is the main challenge as if now in our country which also includes the need of technological advancement and building good infrastructure, public education system should be more focused on skill based training, there is hunger of technical education and all of that could be achieved by making the best strategy, integration and involvement of youth and deserves in decision making.. Nothing much to say sir as you have learnt and experienced better than us.. All we wish is to see is building blocks towards development of nation and empowerment to deservee youth. It would be an immense pleasure to support you by all the possible means and finally wish you all the best sir, a lot of hopes are regenerated, let’s make it possible and show the world that good leadership is the best way of getting success..

    MBA student
    Bangalore University

  17. Raibindra Misra ji..The Present situation of Nepal all Parties have lost their faithfulness of people .. In this condition one who stands in Transparency Integrity, sincerity and truthfulness are entering into national politic. A rays of Hope seen from You..Thanks..

  18. के का लागी राजनिती गर्ने त
    1-बिकाश गरि नेपाल लाई विश्वो मा चिनाउने कि
    2- पद को स्वर्थ को लागी कि
    3-धन आर्जन र भ्रष्टलाई साथ दिन को लागी कि
    4- पहिला पार्टी पछि जनता ले न पत्ताएसी अर्कै पाटी मा बिलय हून को लागी कि
    अर्ऊ पनि धेरै छन
    जस्तै राम्रो राम्रो न राम्रो कि
    राम्रो राम्रो राम्ररै हूने भन्ने मा शंका छ

  19. यो भ्रष्ट कुराजनीतिले हैरान भएका म जस्ता धेरैलाइ तपाइँजस्ता कर्मठ र इमान्दार नेपालीको खाँचो छ । रविन्द्र जी, अगाडि बढ्नुस् हामी साथ दिनेछाै ….कैयैा कुराहरू छन् भन्नु र सोध्नुपर्ने कृपया हजुरको फोन नम्बर कसरी पाउन सकिन्छ बताइदिनुहुोला ।

  20. राजनितिमा हुने फोहोर किरा लाई निकाल्न सक्नुस् शुभकामन …. तपाईको कार्यकता भएर काम गर्न तक्पर छौ ।
    रबिन्द्र मिश्रले राजनिति गर्ने भन्दा कतिले राम्रो भने कतिले नराम्रो । राम्रो भन्ने म पनि परे । मेरो मन भन्छ रबिन्द्र मिश्र राजनितिमा सफा गर्न आको हो ।
    उसको राजनितिले पक्कै देश र जनताले गर्भ गर्ने एउटा ऐतिहास बनाउछ ।

  21. Dear Rabindra jyu: Indeed positive First March from the threshold of New Horizon of New Vision of cutured Politics in Nepal I see the fresh NEW Challenges an I am sure of knowing you and your deep meditative knowledge you will be much more successful and achievable in your endeavourecd approaches for making Nepal Modern Soverign with efficient and innovative ideas further our better Nepal. WE all are with your The STEM and with rightful constitution and inclusive Democracy. You all are winning the soul of the Country. Dear Rabindra jyu, what I called and coined these theories like these, for example you may lead if you like it please: ( H+R+P ) x 3 = better citizen and better person. 3 H stand for Head, Heart and Hand = deep positive thinking, Feeling and action. 3R stand for Respect, Responsibilities and Resiliance And 3P stand for Peace, Progress and Prosperity. I hope this will work for you too please let me know, Dear Rabindra jyu wth the Best Wishes from Padma Shrestha and Friendship Global and Nepal Friend of the Commonwealth and Gurkha Veterans Foundation.


  23. You are an inspiration, i am very tempted to follow your footsteps some day. You strong leadership is very much needed.

  24. तपाइको उदेश्य र बिचारले देश परिवर्तनमा गएको जस्तो देखिन्छ तर तपाइले कमाएको राम्रो लोकप्रियतालाइ राजनितिले दुसित बनाउछ हेर्दै जानुस च्याउ जस्तै च्यासच्यास्ती उमृएका पाटिको।बिचमा टिक्नुहोला सुभकामना छ।

  25. Rabindraji
    Your decision to open new party and involve in politics, although seems inappropriate as people are fed up with political leaders and heightened corruption in the society created by them. Unless we change the basic concept of politics infusing talented unselfish educated, creative and highly dedicated person, I could not perceive your ambition will not be achieved. Making a people welfare oriented Country is only person through a large Community, one person can not make it possible because it is a collective development work that needs number of capable and unselfish leaders who are willing to sacrifice their life for the Country. Anyway I wish you a best of luck on your endeavor

  26. Rajnitima tapai haru jasta janpriy person ko avav thiyo.sayed ab nepalko ranitji pani naya track ma auxa ki.ab sangathan bistar tir lagnus dai ,we help u.

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