About Rabindra Mishra

Rabindra Mishra is a practical philanthropist, philanthropic journalist, a poet and a writer.

He is the former editor of the BBC Nepali Service and the founder of entirely voluntarily run global charity, Help Nepal Network which has chapters in 14 countries.

Rabindra Mishra Contact

Rabindra Mishra is also an author of best-selling books, Bhumadhayarekha (commentaries on politics and society), Khana Pugos, Dina Pugos (essays on ‘practical philanthropy’ and ‘philanthropic journalism’) and Rabindra Mishraka Kabita (collection of poems).

He has been donating the royalty of the books to support one of the most under-privileged communities in Nepal, the Chepangs in Chitwan district.

Having worked on all platforms of journalism — print, radio, television and online — Rabindra is especially known for his informed, sharp and forthright style of interviewing and writing.

Mishra studied English Literature in Nepal, Journalism in Pakistan and International Politics in the UK.

After working in the BBC’s headquarters in London for nearly 15 years, he decided to return to Nepal permanently in April 2009, which he considers as one of the best decisions in his life.